Sunday, April 3, 2016

A sneak peek into my curriculum... "Creative Space"

I've been working on a Curriculum for Early Childhood, and just finished the free volume, and wanted to share some of it with all of you. The name of the curriculum is called "Creative Space," because it helps you create the space in your classroom. 

It starts out with an note from the Editor:

Hello Teachers,

I hope you enjoy this free copy of Creative Space. This is just a small sample of what you have to look forward to if you decide to purchase the full Creative Space Program or individual volumes.

You are probably feeling that this is a lot to do within a classroom, but remember you have a month to get your classroom set up for the theme.

Everything should be set out at once so that the students will have a variety of things to choose from.
However, if you are having difficulties putting everything out at once for the first month, put out items in two centers at the beginning of each week and by the end of the month your class will be completely done.

Have your dramatic play area completed first, since it has the most traffic throughout the day. I gave you a simple transformation in this booklet, so it should be easy to do. I provided unique art projects and different ways to introduce letters, numbers and shapes. I wanted to get away from the traditional way of using flashcards, since each student learns differently.

I hope you enjoy introducing the Dinosaur Theme to your students, and I hope that they enjoy the wonderful activities you have in store for them, when you introduce Creative Space in your classroom. Remember that the booklets are words; you must make them come alive!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and working with you to make your classroom something that you and your students will be proud of.

Remember to always integrate your student’s ideas into the theme. Maybe the students are interested in horses and you are talking about Dinosaurs, find a way to combine the two if the students still want to know about Dinosaurs as well, or use some of the information in the book as a guide to the new theme.

Remember, if you enjoy what you are doing, so will your students.

Introducing the Theme in circle time

Example: Bring something that you can use to introduce Dinosaurs during circle time. For example, show a dinosaur-themed Book, Pictures, Shoes, or a Shirt. You can find thousands of pictures online. Begin the discussion by saying, “Students, this week we will be discussing Dinosaurs. Tell me what you already know about Dinosaurs.” If you do not get a response, use one of the items above to start the discussion. Present the item and say,Can you tell me what this is?” And see where the discussion goes from there.

You can discuss as many or as few of the different types of Dinosaurs as you would like. Use your students’ input to determine what information they would like to discuss.
Divide the Dinosaur theme into 5 days, allowing some time each day to discuss each Dinosaur.

Here are a few examples you can use to help your students understand the Theme. Please feel free to create your own list once you get the students’ input.

1: Discuss the different type of Dinosaurs.
2: Discuss what each Dinosaur eats.
3: Discuss where Dinosaurs used to live.
4: Go over each Dinosaur, and have your students decide if they are small or big.
5: Have the students discuss which dinosaur they like and why.
6. How does each Dinosaur feel to the touch?

Circle Time is important for communication between you and your students. It also gives your students the opportunity to express their feelings. It provides them with the skills to speak in a group, take turns, and have patience. Use Circle Time to introduce and review the Theme Letters, Numbers, Shape and Color. Some schools require you to do the Calendar and talk about the Weather. Others require specific songs, and books. You can integrate your school's requirements for Circle Time with the information from this booklet. 

We also work on the colors, numbers and letters; here is a sample for color recognition.

                        Reviewing the Color Brown

Print coloring sheets or use a book that has dinosaur's of all different colors.

If you are using coloring sheets: Print out a variety of Dinosaurs, color each dinosaur a different color, and two or three the color Brown. Laminate the sheets and bring them to circle time. Hold up each sheet and ask the students to tell you when they see the brown dinosaurs.

Be sure to let the students know that you personally colored the sheets. It shows that you care.

If you are interested in getting a free copy, please contact me at

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