Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book Review: McKay and the Magical hat, By Kate David

This story is centered on two beautiful little girls with big blue eyes. McKay is the older sister and Murphy is the younger sister. The two sisters take turns putting on a magical hat that transports their imagination to anyone they want to be. This is a 23 page book, and my students ages 2.9-5 sat through the entire story. 

It is a fantastic book to help your child/students understand imagination. The illustrations are bright and colorful and depict what is going on in the story, so the students feel like they are reading the story by themselves. Some of my students went over to the library weeks later and read the story; they enjoyed all the things that McKay did in her imagination.

McKay and the Magical Hat is a great book to pair along with the theme community helpers because some of the people McKay became in her imagination was a pilot, firefighter, chef and doctor. She also imagined being a super hero, and a rock star. 

The students and I had a wonder time coming up with all the projects to go along with this book. We made charts of what we wanted to be when we grew up, magic wands and of course; McKay's magical hat. 

When Kate David visited our classroom, my students were overjoyed by all of the costumes she brought to go along with the story; it was magical because they were able to be who they wanted to be. As she read the story to them, the characters and their imagination came to life.

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