Monday, December 14, 2015

Teaching styles and curriculum

I have been reading a lot of different blogs and articles on teaching styles, classroom arrangement and curricula. All these different teaching styles and curricula can be overwhelming to new teachers and even seasoned teachers; so I decided to write this blog.

 I don't want teachers to feel like they are doing something wrong if they are not using an emergent curriculum, high scope or Reggio Emilia in their classroom. In my opinion, if your students are happy and developing you are doing something right.

I do a little of everything in my classroom and if you ask me what particular curriculum I use, I would probably reply with "I don't have one." My class is teacher/student directed. I pick a theme that I think the students might enjoy. Sometimes it's based on what I've heard them discuss and other times it is based on the seasons. If the students seem interested I continue with the theme. If they don't, I incorporate their interested into the theme. Sometimes they'll ask if they can do a certain project or a puppet show, and if it's something they want to do, I'll have them plan and create it.

All of my activities are not open-ended, some are cut-out inspired and others are based on something that the students ask to do. I listen to them and I make sure that they know their words, feelings and actions are important to me.

Every educator might not agree with the way that I teach in my classroom, but when I am talking to my students and I see the excitement on their faces about something that we are going to do, or something that we are discussing... that is all that matters to me at this point.

I will continue to read studies on Early Childhood as I want to be the best educator that I could be, for now, I'm going to continue to do the things that make my students excited about learning; and you should too.

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