Thursday, July 9, 2015

Children that are 2.9 are not considered preschoolers in my opinion.

I've been working at this preschool for about a year in a half. I usually have students that are at least 3 year old or older. After my 6 month at the school, I was told that students that are 2.9 are considered preschoolers. 

I looked down at this little one that was no higher than my knees, and screaming for his mom upon entering my class and during nap-time. He had some language skills but needed more practice. He was so tiny and cute, and certainly not ready to be in a preschool class. But because the rules said he was ready, I took him by the hand and escorted him to the class. 

The other students towered over him, his social skills were different because he's two, and didn't understand that once he walked away from a toy, other students had the opportunity to play with it. All he would say was "that's mine." Oh gosh, I thought to myself, how do I explain to him that the toys belong to everyone. "I'm a preschool teacher, I kept saying to myself... Not a toddler teacher."

They say that preschool starts at 2.9, so I have all of these "preschoolers." in my classroom that are still in diapers, and half of them I can't understand what they are saying. We don't have a changing table in our room, so I have to change them in the bedroom standing up. This makes it impossible for me to see the other students. 

I'm a pre-k teacher, so this is a big change for me, everything is different, circle time and centers. I've had to change the way I teach so that these students remain engaged.  I've watched them mature before my eyes, which makes  me realize I can teach any age, but I am still don't consider a student that is 2.9 a preschooler, they are still toddlers.


Ambika S said...

That was a wonderful post. I can totally get and accept your point. As my younger son has to wait for another year, since he was October-born, I felt terrible at first. But as I am seeing him getting mature throughout this entire year, I can certainly say that 3 months is a big time in a child's life.

Darla Williams said...

Thank you for your reply. It is very difficult to change the structure of a classroom when you have so many different ages. I think if they are given more time in an environment where they can grow, it would be very beneficial for them.