Friday, November 28, 2014

What we did in class for Thanksgiving

 I think that this is the perfect holiday to help the students develop their Language Skills. Get them talking about their family’s Thanksgiving dinners, and things that they are thankful for.

We were also working on the theme; Zoo and Farm Animals. I thought that it would be a good idea to implement the Thanksgiving Turkey into the theme. Below I've shared some of the projects we did for Thanksgiving.

We started our projects with the Thanksgiving Turkey. I gave the students pieces that made up a whole turkey. Since we were also working on the Shape: Circle, I used circles for the turkey’s body. I put X’s in the place where each piece went.  We used hand-prints to make the feathers.

We put “I’m thankful for…” on circle tags in the Math Center. The students were instructed to pick three tags. Then we asked them what they were thankful for. One five year old said this; 1. “My mom, my teacher, and my family.” 2. “My country, my video games and my computer.” 3. “My brother.”

A three year old said; 1. “My trains.” 2. “Water.” 3. “My brother.”
We prepared bags with turkeys on them in the Art Center; we had the students put the feathers on them. And their "I'm thankful for.. cards in the bags, then we shared each one with the class. 

I made this touch and feel matching card set for the Science Center

During Circle Time, I read the book: It's Thanksgiving Day! By: Mary Packard.
I then copied a page out of the book, put it in the Writing Center, and asked the students what was happening in the picture. Of course, each student had their own ideas, which made the project even more interesting. 

The day before Thanksgiving we had movie day with popcorn and made a cake for our parents.

We were able to review Math Skills, Language/Writing Skills, and  work in the Art and Science Center.

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