Monday, September 1, 2014

Math Center

Or put them in the Math Center or Library with a number book

Since a new school is starting, I wanted to share different ideas for some centers in your classroom. I will combine some of the ideas I used in previous blogs for each center. I am starting with the Math Center.

I think that it is important to add additional items to each center in your classroom, so that the students have different items to experiment with. It is also important to incorporate items from different centers together. For example; put 6 blocks in your math center; then have the students count the blocks and see how many different structures they can create. Take pictures and display them throughout the class.

The math center is about number operations, so implement things in the center that the students can use for number recognition, writing, and counting. You can also had ideas for shapes in the center, and  put out the less popular items so that the students will gain interest in those as well.

Add books about numbers to your Math Center with the same items that are in the book, don't tell the students what you want them to do with them, just put them out and see where they go with it.

 Put these out to encourage students to practice writing their numbers
Put out items for Counting objects
 Add these to your Math Center for students to put in order.

Number Tag; pin these to each student for a game of number tag, review each number before the game.

Counting and pasting objects on to the Number 1

Although most of these activities look teacher-directed, they can easily be child-directed by putting the items out on a table and letting the students experiment with them in their own way. Remember learning for preschoolers is not always instructional. Although, I believe that working with pre-kindergartners on directions is great for their transition into kindergarten.

Some of the items that I add to my math center are also based on the theme we are working on, so I've shared those ideas as well. I like my entire classroom emerged in the theme that we are working on. If students become interested in something else, I’ll implement those ideas into the theme as well.

Ideas based on Themes
Theme: Spring; matching Numbers
Theme: Spring

Theme: Green Things; matching numbers


Theme: Health; measuring bottles

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