Friday, August 8, 2014


Journals can be used in the summer or during the school year, they are a great way to keep all of the student's work in one place, and keep up with their progress. I like journals because I get to spend time with each one of my students and this allows me to work with them on things that they might need additional help on. Working in journals also gives me the opportunity to work with students on the correct way to hold their pencils.

I'm using my Summer Journals as a keep-sake book of all of our summer activities. They will not only have worksheets and coloring pages, but also a sticker page, and a photo album. I also use my student journals as a review book; before we move on to another page, we review the items that we already covered.

I have found that when some students are in a group setting they don't speak out when asked what an item is, but when they are working with me, they are more open to sharing what they know, and most of the time they know all of the information we have covered. 

In preschool, part of a students learning ability is to feel confident and safe enough to communicate their needs to their teacher, this is a great opportunity to improve the relationship between you and your students. Using journals also help me reinforce writing from left right, and the front and back portion of a book.
This is one of the sheets in our Journals

Summer journals doesn't need to cover a specific thing, they can be used as a book to cover your students summer experience. Since our preschoolers are not able to write a book on their own, use pictures to create the story for the summer. Each time you do an activity in your classroom, take a picture and  glue it to a page in each student's journal,  have each students tell you what is happening in the picture. By the end of summer, each student will have a book that covered their summer experiences.

You can also create a summer journal coloring book, each time you sit down with a student, have them create a picture that describes something that they enjoyed doing that week. Or you can have the students write and color whatever they want in their books and see what they come up with, these are usually the best journals. You can also have stickers available for each thing you do in the summer, and have the students make sticker summer journals.

Whatever you decide to do with your journals, make sure it is fun for the students, and keep your student's age in mind. 

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