Monday, July 14, 2014

Working With Students on Language Skills

Reading to your students, is a great way to improve language skills

I have provided a few ideas to work with your students on language skills. I like the idea of creating a list of words that the students might have a difficult time pronouncing. It gave me the opportunity to work with the students individually. And I could create the list based on each student's need or based on the theme we were working on.

1. Create a list of words that the students in your classroom might be having a hard time pronouncing.

2. During circle time review a few of the items on the list each day, until you have covered all the words on the list.

3. Make it fun, by having the students say the words in a microphone so they can hear themselves say it.

4. Give a funny sentence to help the students understand the words.

5. Make circle time a discussion forum so that the students are given a chance to talk about things that are important to them.

6. Read books to your students, so that they are introduced to new words.

Under no circumstances, should you make this process a test. This process is a way to help the students take the time to pronounce their words correctly and be aware of how they are pronouncing certain words.

It is also a great way to introduce and review the sounds of the letters, which will give your students a great introduction and review to letter sounds.

I used this process in my classroom, as a way to help some of the students with language skills; the students seem to enjoy it. When we got to the word you, which was one of the words we reviewed. I pointed to each child and said "You," the students begin saying you, you you, you making a game of it; it became one of their favorite words to say.

Language skills can be developed in many ways, this is just one technique I tried in my classroom. Please share with me some techniques you use.

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