Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's That Time Again...

Summer Vacation is coming to an end

It's that time again; It's almost time for a new school year to begin, and preparing and organizing yourself and your classroom can help take the stress off. Here are a few ideas to help you get organized.

Make a plan on the types of themes you would like to cover, and think about what you would like your students to learn about each of those themes, prepare your lesson plan based on that.

Write down classroom events, guest speakers, special projects or cooking ideas that you would like to implement. Use the list as a way to get your ideas on paper, even if you decide to change them later.

Summer Fun and Safety

Prepare two weeks of lesson plans so that one leads into the other, and so that you are a week ahead in case you are unable to complete a lesson plan for a one week. For example: say you are working on the letter 'A,' be sure to include a review session on the next lesson plan.

Have folders labeled for each day so that you can keep your paperwork or craft ideas arranged for a week; and they are available to other teachers in case you have a day off.

Clean and rearrange cabinets and storage units so that you can determine what supplies you already have and ones you need to order.

Decide if you will do something special for each student's birthday, if so; prepare goody bags and hats ahead of time, to ensure that each student gets one. A great idea is to buy a bag of party hats, and let each student wear a hat on their birthday. You can also create a goody bag for each student so they will have that also.

Prepare your back to school note for parents which provides them with show and tell dates, special events, open house, and lunch and nap-time schedules. Explain how you celebrate birthdays in you class, as well as, the school's policy on bringing in outside food. You might even want to provide them with the class schedule.

Prepare a list of activities for parents

The more organized you are, the more time you have to spend with your students. Asking students to sit at a table while you prep for a project will cause a lot of unwanted behavior and boredom for your students. So, stay organized so that you and your students can have a productive day.

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