Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Help Your Students Understand What They are Learning.

Reviewing the color Blue. Students had to find an object and draw it.

We teach our students their letters, numbers, colors and shapes each day, some teachers use flashcards and others use different means of introducing and reviewing the items. As it is important to introduce all these concepts, it is equally important to make sure that the students understand what a letter, number, color or shape is. You can do this by reviewing the items and then having the students classify the items into groups.

Reviewing Numbers

Here are a few ideas:

1. Hold up the item that has already been introduced, instead of asking your students what the item is, ask them if it is a letter, number, color or shape.

2. Review the items by having the students put all the letters together, all numbers together and all shapes together. Then review each set.

3. Cut out two sets of either numbers and letters, or shapes and colors, have the students make pictures using only the numbers, do the same for each set on another day, until all the items have been reviewed.

4. Ask the students to find a letter, number, color or shape in the classroom and see if they can remember what each of them are. Be sure to review only one concept at a time, reviewing all the items together can be confusing.

Shape People; reviewing the Square

I think that it is important that students learn their letters, numbers, colors and shapes, but I also think that it is equally important that they understand what each item is. Knowing how to recognize the letter ‘A’ is important, but also understanding that the letter ‘A’ is a letter is important for their next step in understanding how these concepts are used.
Creating A's

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