Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading Program

Sea, Sand and me!, by Patricia Hubbell

Since preschool is year round, except for vacation time with the family, this would be a great time to implement a reading program in your classroom. Get your students involved with books by creating projects from the book.

Getting students involved with reading can be difficult if the parents are not involved, so get your parents involved by creating a reading program where the student must be read to at home.

This is what I am doing in my classroom; I have sent home a note explaining the summer reading program and our goal of reading 100 books as a group for the summer. We will have cooking projects and games to enhance the contents of the book and prizes when we meet different goals.

 The parents are asked to read a book to their child every night and then fill out a form and return it. Each time they return a form, the student gets to color in a portion of our thermometer that I have posted in our Library area.
Watch it fill-up.

I'm hoping by doing this, the parents that are not reading to their child will begin to do so even after the program is over. I know the child would want to be read to more often.

Once we hit our goal of 100, we will have a party and an award ceremony giving each student an award and presenting the amount of books they read for the summer, so that the parents will see how easy it is to read to their children.
The Day we danced in underpants, by Sarah Wilson
I will also offer a check-out system in the classroom so that students can check out a book a week from our class library, since it is books that they are interested in, they will be more open to have them read to them.

I review children books so I am excited to get a list of books that they have in their personal collection so that I can implement them into the curriculum for the following years.

We know that literacy is important and it provides our students with a great opportunity to develop a large range of skills. I feel that creating a reading program and encouraging parents to read to their child, will create life-long readers, and hopefully the students will become interested in books.

Mouse’s First Summer, by Lauren Thompson

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