Monday, June 9, 2014

5- Ideas to utilize Students' Artwork

Students spend a lot of time drawing pictures for their teachers, and most teachers throw them away. I know a lot of paperwork can be overwhelming, but when a student draws something or make something for you, it's because they like you. It's the equivalent of getting a special gift for a friend, whether you make it or purchase it from a store.

What would you do if you spent all that time hunting for the perfect gift for your friend and they kept it for awhile and then threw it away; you would probably be hurt. Find a way to show your students how wonderful and appreciative you are for the pictures they make you.

1. Make a special keepsake book of all the art you receive every year from your students and put it in the art center for your new students to see.

2. Create a picture collage, and hang it in your office, or home library, this would make a wonderful piece of art and unique painting.

3. Use a free website and display all of your students' artwork. Provide your parents with the URL, and ask them to have the students find their pictures and type their first name under it. This would be great for letter recognition and another way to have students work on their name. You can also ask the parent to ask their child to tell them about the picture and have them write the information below it.

4. Use the students artwork for show and tell day, by sharing their creations with the whole class.

5. Send your students' artwork to me, and I'll display it on my page. Provide their age and the state or country. Send to

I just think that a student's piece of art is so amazing and something that comes from the heart, it touches my heart when a student hands me a something they made and say, "this is for you Ms. Darla," I know it's special because they made it.

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