Thursday, May 29, 2014

The end of the School Year Approaches

In Early Childhood, the end of the year is just another day at school for us, except now we have school-agers in the center as well.

I have always given students a transition from the school year to summer vacation, even though our school hours and days don't change. And the students don't get summer vacation unless they go somewhere special with family. But that doesn't mean you can't make this time different for the students in your care. Try to make themes that will implement summer time fun, with cooking projects that can be implemented into the theme.

Water day is usually something that the school implements into the schedule, try to stay on task with this, and make sure the students get water play at least once a week. Bring in other fun activities that you might not use during the school year. Such as:

1. Summer Fruits, such as: seedless watermelon.
2. Have students make their own sandwiches.
3. Do Circle time outside since the weather is nice during early mornings.
4. Take a field trip, and walk  to a place that is close to the campus.
5. Have students mix and bake a cake.
6. Make ice cream sundaes.
7. Do a small carnival with face painting.
8. Do a Summer Fashion Show and let the students show off their summer clothes.
9. Implement themes that talk about the beach,water and ice.
10. Bring in sea shells.
11. Talk about summer vacation spots and turn your dramatic play into one.
12. Bring a summer book to life by turning the Reading center into the items from the book.
13. Bring beach balls to class.
14. Review the colors with balloons.
15. Have students fish for letters and numbers.
16. Discuss sunscreen and why its so important for the summer.
17. Do a Restaurant theme (Then change your Dramatic play into that restaurant)
18. Pop popcorn and have a movie day.
19. Bring colored sand into the classroom.
20. Do an obstacle course, but use water for each.
21. Create a Summer treasure hunt.

Most of these ideas can be implemented throughout the school year, but I try to talk about the beach, water and summer, since it is hot, and the students are more inclined to be interested in water play.

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