Friday, May 16, 2014

No Flashcards

Hand each student an envelope and let them tell you what is inside.

In my previous posts, I've given ideas on how to introduce and review the letters, numbers colors and shapes, without the use of flashcards. I don't think that flashcards shouldn't be used; I just don't use them in my classroom. I think they give the students a narrow prospective on learning their letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

Pine-cleaner letters, I used these to introduce and review the Letters A and B.
Letters come in different colors and sizes and can represent a variety of items, why not open the students up to all the different forms, so that they are seeing the letters in different ways. Whether than the general conceptions that A is for apple only. 

If you do use flashcards, use them in conjunction with other creative and fun ways to help students understand what they are learning. I like to introduce and review the letter, color, number and shape in circle time. And then create a project to help the students further understand the concepts.

Bubble-wrap A's, let them feel what they are writing
I don't like the concept of waving a card in the students face expecting them to learn it, without other activities that help reiterate the concept.

Most of us don't know how we learn until we attend college; we must consider that same concept when we are working with young students.
That is why it is important to implement hands-on projects in your classroom, such as:  cooking projects, writing letters and numbers in the sand or shaving cream. 

You can even introduce the letters and their letter sound; some students remember the letters based on sounds also.  I also work with my students on how a letter is formed and they seem to remember it in that way also. They love saying an 'A' is written as "down, down across.

However you decide to introduce these items, keep in mind that each student learns differently, so try to add a variety of learning techniques into your lesson planning. I have provided some introduction and review techniques that I used successfully in my classroom and will be adding additional ideas to my Facebook page, so like the page so you will get all of the updates.

I use this board to introduce all the items that we are working on. During circle time I call one student at a time and ask to them put a star on one of the items. The colors represent the colors we are working on. 

Circle Time BoardAll of these ideas can be interchanged to represent the letter, color, number or shape you are working on. 

Matching Game to put in your Language Center or as a review technique in Circle time

Color Classification using candy

Have students find Green Things.

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