Monday, May 19, 2014


There has been a few questions asked about nap-time, and if students should be required to sleep.  The answer to this is no, students do not have to sleep during nap-time, they only need to rest.

From my experience, the following times below are normal for each age group. Students should not nap any longer than 3 hours and no later than 3:00 pm. Many parents have told me that when their child sleeps pass 3:00 pm, it interferes with their bedtime schedules. However, I know based on State Rules and Regulations, students must not be woken up; they must be allowed to wake up on their own.

Students should be on their mats no later than the second time slot.

Toddlers: 11:30-11:45 am
2 years old: 11:30- 11:45 am
3 years old: 12:00-12:30 pm
4 years old: 12:00-12:30 pm

If the students go to sleep at these times, they should not sleep pass 3:00 pm, most students will wake up, between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm.

I  believe that a parent's wishes should be taken above State Rules and Regulations, and if they don't want their child to sleep past a certain time, that time should be honored, as long as it is not disruptive to the other students in the class. With a little creativity most things that the parents ask, within reason, can be accomplished

A great way to get students relax is to read them stories or play a CD with a story on it. For those students that don't sleep, they should be allowed to rest on their bed and get up after 1 hour of rest time. I don't think that a student that doesn't sleep, should be made to stay on their mat any longer than that.

This is a great CD for nap-time

I know that this is difficult since there is usually only one teacher in the class at nap-time and there are usually two classes sleeping in one room.  This makes it difficult for a student to get off their mat, because doing so, will put the teacher out of ratio. The best way to handle this situation is let the student either read a book on their mat or do a quiet activity. Making a student lie there for 2 hours or more is cruel and should never happen. 

In addition, be considered when you handle mats, mat covers and blankets, make sure they are cleaned weekly and labeled with each student’s name. This is part of the safety issues that is required as a teacher. 

Most importantly, remember what age group you are working with, toddlers and 2 year old students are not able to stay on their mats after they awake for long periods of time, so be patient with them. 

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