Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dramatic Play

We actually milked this cow for the Theme: Farm Animals

Dramatic Play is one of the most used centers in a preschool classroom, the students love it. The great thing about Dramatic Play is that you can arrange it in any way that you like, and based on the theme you are working on. 

You can also add only a few items to give it something different for the students to play with. A lot of school's Dramatic Play areas are designed to look like a kitchen or a living room. You can create an outside portion to this area, so that the area looks like it has an indoor and outdoor portion. You can do this by changing the center based on the seasons.

A rode to our house

During the winter months for example; add a pretend fireplace and snow around the outside of the center to introduce the students to the weather change. For spring, put silk flowers around the outside of the center; you can have the students stick them in foam so they will look like a flower garden, you can also do the same for the summer months. The great thing about all of these ideas is that your students can help you prepare them, which can be done as an art project. 

You can also add additional items to the center, such as; dry pasta for mixing and tablecloths that represent the seasons.  And don't be afraid to add puppets, books and other items from other classroom centers that might help the students better understand the topics you are trying to reiterate. 

You can make a pretend TV set, a microwave oven and anything that represents what a student might have in their home. Dramatic play gives the students the opportunity to express themselves in a fun environment and learn through play, as well as work out any issues that they might be having.

I usually base my Dramatic Play ideas around a theme that we are working on, but it is always important to involve your student's interested in your creations. I have shared a few structures I have build for my students for our Dramatic Play area.

A mail box for the Theme: Community Helpers
A Pizza palace for the Theme: Imagination 

A Sushi Restaurant

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