Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Concentrate on Teaching

A child will find fun, and wonder in anything

The Herald Sun explains how teacher, Sonya Nedovic, works with hospitalized children and educates them based on their age, in the same way as if they were attending school. Nedovic said “No illness should deprive a youngster of their right to learn, and just because they are ill, they still have the ability to learn.”

I thought this article was not only an inspiration, but also a lesson to each teacher that thinks a student needs a particular type of environment to learn. Although, a preschool classroom is an ideal learning environment, , it’s not the only place a child can receive an education.  If we provide a plan based on the child's interest and allow time for the plan to be executed, a child can learn.

Not all the children in Nedovic program can attend the sessions in the oncology ward, so she will do a one-on-one session with those who cannot. Some teachers can benefit from this article, since they waste most of their day complaining about the resources that they don’t have, whether than trying to implement activities in the classroom with the resources that they do have.

Students are not always interested in the best paper or crayons, most are just happy to be able to color and have paper to color on. Whereas it is ideal to have everything one needs in preschool, it is not always provided. Let’s try to work toward the learning process and offering students what we have whether than what we don’t have. Work within the community to get things donated if that’s what it takes, but put education and teaching above it all. As Nedovic has done with the children she works with.

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