Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Verbal and Written Communication in Preschool

Communication is the key to any relationship, personal or business

We all know that communication is an essential part of any business, which includes preschool. It could be one of the most important aspects of early childhood, especially when it comes to the parents.

I get very frustrated when I can't explain to a parent where and how their child got scratched, because there was never an accident report filled out. Or a parent wasn't called, when their child became very sad, simply because the teacher forgot to write down the information.

Some schools have communication books designed for this purpose, but if the teachers are not using them, it defeats the purpose of the books all together. Sometimes relating a message to another teacher verbally works just as well, and it is more effective. But teachers often forget to do so, because they get caught up in their everyday projects.

Teachers can communicate with visiting teachers with a list of important information. The list would include; a student’s eating, sleeping and bathroom habits. This would help the visiting teachers understand the students more, and give them an idea of what a typical day is like for younger preschoolers.

The best way to use a communication book is to write in it every day, even when you don't have anything to communicate. If you practice picking it up every day and writing in it, you won't forget about it when you need to write something important.

When you enter your class to start your shift, write a good morning message in your communication book, with your name and time of arrival. You might even want to write a nice message to your co-teacher.  This will not only help you remember to write in your communication book every day, it would also start your day and co-teachers day off with a positive note.

Find a communication technique that works for you and your school and implement them into your daily schedule. If you prefer to verbally communicate with your co-teacher, find away to do it each day so that you are constantly keeping the doors of communication open. Texting and emailing each other is a great way to communicate with each other and with your parents. Establish a free email account that you can share with your parents and copy your co-teacher on it. 

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