Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Earth Day Projects

Beginning stages of our Recycled City

For our Earth Day project, we made a Recycled City using toilet paper holders. I wanted a project that we could work on for several weeks and something that the students could be totally involved in, and worked on whenever they liked. So I put the city in a center with the supplies they needed and let them work on it during center time.

I painted the base of the city and the street and the students and I painted the toilet paper rolls Green and Blue. They decided where they wanted to glue the rolls on the base. They also picked the color of the cars and painted them as well. They later added the roof and the windows and doors.

We painted some of the toilet paper rolls Brown for the trunk of the trees and used Green tissue paper for the branches. I took a sandwich bag and had the students crumble up Green and Blue paper to make the world that overlooked the city.

I then accented the city with little pieces of tissue paper that looked like plants and small bushes. One student wanted to add people so I cut out the people and let them glue on the head and add the facial expressions.

The city will be put out in the block Center for the students to play with. Beforehand, we will discuss what recycle means and ways to keep the earth clean.

On Earth Day we will do a Recycle Relay, the students will race to put all the recycle items in the recycled box before I count to 10.

 The terms  "Earth Day and Recycle" will be reiterated  with picture books. 

Earth Day- Hooray! By Stuart J. Murphy
This book discusses recycling, working together and keeping the planet clean. Although it has Math Problems that preschool students might not understand, it is a great book to help students understand recycling.  Age Range: 6 – 10

Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug, by Ellie Bethel
This book is full of color and beautiful illustrations, it not only explains the importance of recycling but it also explains what will happen when you don’t recycle and throw your trash away. There are also helpful tips in the back of the book on how to recycle and keep the earth clean all year long. Age Range: 6 and up

For art we will celebrate Earth day, by making paper Earth Day balloons. Each student was given a circle that represents the world and Blue pieces of construction paper to glue on anywhere they like, so that each world would be different. 
Beginning stages of our Earth Day Board. See the entire set-up on my facebook page

These Earth day ideas would be easy and fun for the students and the city can be made for any holiday, and other items can be added depending on the interest of the students. 

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