Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Trouble with Cauliflower, help your students understand allergies

For Ages Pre-school- Grade 2

The trouble with Cauliflower, by Jane Sutton is a book I reviewed for a theme I am working on for healthy and not-so-healthy foods.

The character in the book called Mortimer loves cauliflower, but he can’t eat it, when he does, it brings him bad luck.

One day, his friend Sadie puts cauliflower in Mortimer’s stew without him knowing it, but Mortimer doesn't have a bad day. Mortimer only had a bad day because he thought he would, it had nothing to do with the cauliflower.

This is a funny book about food, friendship and a superstitious koala. Although your students might not get the concept about superstitions, it would be a good discussion starter on allergies.

Discuss the difference in foods you can’t eat because they might make you sick, with foods that you don’t want to eat because you don’t like them, or in Mortimer’s case, being afraid to eat something because it might cause something else to happen.

Help your students understand allergy charts and why some of our friends have special foods or foods that are different than what everyone else eats.

A lot of students won’t eat foods based on the way it looks; you might want to add that to your discussion as well.

Ask your students if they never try something new, how would they know if is good or not?  What if Mortimer was so afraid to eat cauliflower and anything with vegetables in it, like Sadie’s stew. He would never have figured out that Cauliflower doesn't cause bad luck or have the opportunity to share a delicious meal with a friend?

Make a chart of your own and put a star by the students who have tried cauliflower. Then  prepare a dish for each student to try, then go back and put a star by each student's name that tried the dish.

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