Monday, November 25, 2013

Televisions in Preschool Classrooms

Students learn in many ways

Years ago when I first started in the Early Childhood field, I worked at a privately owned center that had television sets in the classrooms.

 In my classroom; we only watched it after nap-time and when I wanted to reiterate a theme that we were working on. It really helped in getting the students settled after nap-time while I helped students that needed additional assistance with changing clothes or help with putting away their nap-time items.

Then everything changed and at the corporate centers there were no more televisions, they said that preschool should be a place for learning and televisions should be something that the students watched at home, not at school.

In addition to that, some teachers were taking advantage by letting their student’s seat in front of them for long periods of time.

Nyeri  Senator, Mutahi  Kagwe told Standard Media that education should be more attractive to young learners, so they should have access to television sets in their classrooms, since most students did not have them at home.

Kagwe wants to make the schools’ environment comfortable, while making learning fun.

I never disagreed with televisions being available in preschool; I just don’t think they belong in classrooms. They should be available as an additional teaching resource when needed. Just as some elementary schools used them to share educational films with their students.

But in the case with Nyeri, I do agree that something additional for the students would be beneficial in making schools more exciting for them, I just don’t agree that televisions should be installed in classrooms.

They could provide students with television time, by bringing in the televisions when needed, whether than having them in the classrooms at all times, which would be a distraction to the students, especially since this is something new for them.

I also don’t see anything wrong with a movie day every once in a while just as long as each parent has approved the desired movie.

However, since students learn differently and based on their five senses, this might be a great learning tool to incorporate in preschool classes. It would also give students a different perspective on television use.

What do you all think about this? Should or shouldn't televisions be allowed in preschool?

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