Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How the Shut-down is affecting Early Childhood

You have more  power than you think.

This article was posted on October 3, 2013, which talks about what the shut down has done to Early Childhood programs.

This case is probably one of many, “Federally funded programs in Georgia that aim to help low-income children get an early education may close down after Friday, which could leave nearly 3,000 children out of the classrooms.”

Based on the Ninth District Opportunity, Inc. “if a budget is not passed soon, 113 Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms serve 2,153 children would be closed after Friday.”

It really is sad that the government felt it was necessary to take such extreme measures that affect the country as a whole.

I have read numerous articles on discussions about how the government wants to fund Early Childhood Education so that students are entering Kindergarten prepared, how it can reduce the crime and the drop-out rate and other negative results from the lack of education. I have to wonder if they really meant it?

I can’t say these officials don’t care, what I do know is that it takes very selfish individuals to put a county that is already experiencing economic hardship in this position.

It’s not all about education, which is extremely important in my book, but people might lose their jobs. Federal funding may be decreased or taken away from organizations and people that really need it.

I am extremely sad that this has happened to our Early Childhood organizations and my fellow teachers around the world. And on some level I feel like my hands are tied and there is nothing I can do. But on the other hand I know that as a voter I hold more power than I think!

While I like to end this blog with something inspiring and informative, I can only say, learn about your government officials and who you vote for, it can have an impact on our economy and lives.


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