Friday, October 18, 2013

Early Childhood’s Face book (Storypark)

“Storypark’s website enables teachers, parents and family members a chance to be involved with a child’s learning from day dot, by recording and sharing photos, videos and comments on a private cloud-based network.

It can also create a great learning experience, that can help in the future

“Storypark is essentially an online scrapbook, which allows both early childhood education teachers and parents to regularly interact over a child’s learning.”

How it works; a teacher sets up an account for a child, then invites the parents to join, the parents then becomes the administrator and they can invite anyone they like into their community. The community can be 1-teacher and 2-parents or larger.

The teachers produce a learning story and document these stories, but it takes them a long time.

This is a wonderful idea to keep parents involved in what their child is doing at school and the learning stories sounds just as exciting. One of the problems I see with this is that it gives the teachers something else that they must do.

There are centers that don’t even provide their teachers with prep-times, imagine trying to get all the other things done and adding one more thing to the list.

“Parents could access the content free, but each child’s account would cost an early childhood center 99¢ a month.

Technology is important, and it is important for Early Childhood to keep up with the ever improving technology era that we are now in.

However, I believe that we should keep in mind that although change can cause us all to advance in some aspects, it can take away a pure back to basics approach to communication.

I believe in parent/ teachers conferences, and communicating with parents as they enter the class at the end of the day.

It just seems so exciting for a student to hand their parent a piece of paper with artwork that they did for that day and say “Mom I made this today, “rather than seeing it on a screen.

I also think it takes away the relationship between a parent and teacher. Some parents seem to always be in a hurry when they drop or pick up their child from school, this type of technology encourages that.

If we do decide to incorporate “Storypark” into Early Childhood, I think that it is important to maintain face to face contact with parents as well, by implementing the learning story into daily or weekly communication.

I will talk more about back to basics teaching in my next blog.


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