Friday, September 6, 2013

Preschool Fundraisers

Celebrate with your students through fundraisers

Preschools have different types of fundraisers; the one that is becoming most popular is “Parents Night Out or Parent’s Date Night.”

These fundraisers give parents the opportunity to have a night out without their children or the worry of getting a babysitter. Their child(ren) would be at school from 6pm-10pm in a fun and safe environment with people that they are familiar with.

I've worked at two schools that did these types of fundraisers and the students and parents really enjoyed them.  One of the schools did the fundraiser once a year during the Christmas season, and it was done so that the parents could have a day of shopping without their children.

The other center did it monthly using themes for each fundraiser. I thought it was too much, it not only becomes expensive for the parents, but it also takes the fun and excitement out of it.

Most of these fundraisers are $15.00-$20.00 per child, which provides activities, games, quality care and dinner; which usually consist of either pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers, chips and a drink. And some type of special activity.

Whereas this is an exciting fundraiser and can be something that the parents and students look forward to and enjoy. If done incorrectly it can be unsafe for the students even if no one gets hurt.

Each teacher should be CPR and First Aid certified with a supervisor onsite in case of emergencies and so that one teacher is never left alone.

There are many themes that can be implemented in to the fundraisers.  Such as:  Halloween or Harvest Fun House.  Decorate one classroom and provide a variety of carnival style activities with candy at every booth for the students.

Or you can do Breakfast with Santa, instead of having it as a Parents Night Out, give your parents a Saturday morning off to do Christmas Shopping. The students would get breakfast with Santa and pictures; they would leave with hand-made stockings filled with candy and toys.

And one of my favorites, Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash; the students would wear pajamas, bring sleeping bags and tents, they would have one Dr Seuss story read to them. Get dinner, cake, ice cream and pictures with Dr. Seuss or one of the Characters from the books. And watch a full screen Dr. Seuss Movie.

Presentation is everything, and the build up to the event can make it even more exciting. Hang up posters and a countdown calendar to keep the parents and students excited.  Display life size pictures of the theme you are working on, or blow up characters if that relates to your theme.

Be creative and give the students something that they don’t do in class every day, but most importantly have fun!


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