Friday, September 27, 2013

New Pre-k standards that students learn through play.

If you give them the resources they will learn through play

We all know that students learn through play, but if it is required as a standard; is it really learning through play?  I don’t think so.

Play should come based on a student’s interest not a curriculum that one has established.

North Dakota has implemented new standards for early childhood education for Pre-Kindergarteners.

“The main component of the standards is learning through play. Four- and 5- year olds learn best by moving and exploring.”

As play is important for students to learn, if forced, how is it learning through play? Shouldn't we give the students the opportunity to learn in a way that is interesting to them?

I know students learn through play, but I also know that there are students that what to explore writing, math and other academic structures.

If these concepts are introduced to a student and they reiterated what they learned in dramatic play or they decide to use these concepts to play school with their friends they would still be learning through play.

This can be quite frustrating to teachers as well, in some schools students are not required to sit for circle time if they want to explore centers. The only problem with this, is if one student wants to explore many others will want to also.

When this happened in my classroom, I never demanded that my students sit in circle time if they did not want to, but I also did not allow them to go to any center that they wanted to. The library was usually open at that time, and when they were ready they could return to circle time, if not, then all of the centers were opened during center time.

I know a lot of schools disagree with this type of class management, but if I am required to prepare students for kindergarten the following year, it seemed necessary that  they understood classrooms consist of structures and boundaries.


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