Monday, September 23, 2013

Training and education should be required along with the passion to teach

Each student should have a clear rode to education
 You should be qualified for the age group you are teaching, no matter what the age group is. And have a sincere love for what you do.

I am a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and I was offered a position as a Kindergarten Teacher from one of the preschools that I worked at.

I am a qualified Preschool Teacher and I have the education for that, but I am not a Kindergarten teacher. 

Although I would have worked extremely hard to prepare the students for 1st. grade, I did not have the training or credentials to teach Kindergarten.

 I think that it is extremely important for students to enter the next phrase of their educational advancement prepared; even if it is from the 3’s to the 4’s class. 

I cannot say that had I accepted the position, I would not have been a good Kindergarten teacher and prepared the students for their next Educational advancement, but since I am not trained in that spectrum I should not have been allowed to teach; whether I did a  good job or not.

Most of you who have read my previous blogs know how strongly I feel about the importance of education for teachers, and this situation is no different.

I think that children should receive their education from teachers that are qualified for that position and have a sincere love for what they do. I don’t think they should be given a position because they will do a good job; our children deserve better than that.

I can teach any age group in the Early Childhood spectrum, but my passion is with Pre-Kindergarten. And although I would work just as hard in any other position, it is not something I would enjoy.

I think that all preschools should take this into consideration when they hire and place their teachers. Just because a teacher is qualified, doesn't mean that she would enjoy working with that particular age group.

No matter what age you teach, you should be qualified to teach that age group, and sincerely love what you do, since teaching at any age is important. 

I think that training and education should be required along with the passion for teaching.


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