Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to handle the ever changing attendance Schedules of your Preschoolers

Involve your students in all your class projects

In my last blog I talked about how it was important for students to attend school consistently as young students, so that they can develop good habits.

I mentioned a little about part and full time schedules and although I do not feel these schedules contribute to bad attendance habits,  I do think that they need to be controlled.

Part- time schedules should be early mornings from 8-12 pm. Students should not be allowed to come to school whenever their parent feels like bringing them or any time of the day.

But since we haven’t gotten their yet, here are some ideas that might help you with the crazy schedules that some preschools allow their parents to have.

If I had 20 students enrolled in my class, I would prepare 20 projects whether the students were there or not. The students that were in attendance would finish their project at school. I put the absent students projects in their cubby so that they could complete their project at home. I did this with all of the assignments so that the students never missed anything that was going on in class. However, it was the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child was doing the work, which wasn't always the case.

With all these different schedules, it can cause a class to have more students enrolled, than the class can accommodate. So when a student is not in attendance for a long period of time, a teacher might be forced to give their cubby to another child.

Since students already feel detached from a class after being gone for so long, imagine how they might feel when they return to find that they no longer have a cubby.

This is what I suggest you do; instead of taping the student’s pictures and names to their cubbies, use clear envelopes, big enough to slip their picture in one and their name in the other. Make sure each student that is enrolled in your class has a name card and a picture.

When you run out of cubbies, use the cubby for a student who hasn't been in attendance for a long period of time. Check with your director to see when the student will return, so you can prepare their cubby and have it ready for them.

Preschools have a lot of issues when it comes to situations like this, but the biggest issue is consistency and communication.

Directors and assistant directors don’t communicate with their staff and teachers don’t communicate with their management team, because they are afraid, or the director is simply not approachable.

When things like this is happening in your center, think of the students first and try to make things better for them, even if you don’t agree with the procedures of the center.

Our first priority should be our students.


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