Monday, September 9, 2013

Even the youngest students need to show up everyday

Help your Students form Good Habits

Once a good habit is formed they are hard to break, this is the same for bad habits.

“The habits that children learn in their early years are likely to stay with them for life. While the data is far from complete, a growing body of research suggests that among the important good habits learned early is showing up for school.”

If students are not in school they cannot get the lesson that is being provided for them that day. So they will miss out on lessons that might prepare them for the next set of assignments.

“ Based on the article from the Compass;  chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent or more of days in school- about 18 days for the school year or just one day every two weeks. That might not sound like much but studies around the country are building a compelling link between chronic absence and poor academic performance.”

People think that it is not important for students to attend school every day in preschool and in kindergarten. But how can a child understand the importance of attending school if it is not started early?

Preschools schedules don’t make this problem any better; in fact, their schedules allow students to attend school either full or part-time. I personally don’t think that a part-time schedule can cause this problem as long as it is a set schedule and followed by the parents.

I worked in one school where we had students that would come to school 2-3 months consistently and then be absent for 1 to 2 months. This is a problem; I understand there are family emergencies and financial problems that can cause these types of absents, this still can cause bad attendance habits in the future. We also had students that would come to school at 8:00 am one day and 1:00 pm another day, we never knew when the students would be there.

Students with these types of schedules usually had a lot of behavioral problems, because they did not have any consistency or schedules in their life.

I understand that it is difficult for parents to bring their child to school every day if they can’t afford it.

But when they are able to bring them, stress the importance of consistency; even if they are bringing them only two days a week.


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