Friday, September 13, 2013

Dittos in Preschool

Make it fun for the students and not easier for you!

Preschool teachers use dittos because they are easier and it takes away from the task of cutting out different shapes and letters.

Preschools have banned their teachers from using dittos because they feel that since preschoolers learn through play, dittos don’t belong in a preschool classroom.

I don’t think that the only teaching tool a preschool teacher should have, should be centered on learning with dittos. There are other ways to introduce and review letters, numbers and shapes without using dittos.

Try cooking projects, they are something that the students love to do, and will help them remember the letter, shape or color you are working on. Have them use cookie dough to form the letter or shape and food coloring for the color. After the cookies are done, give them the opportunity to decorate them for eating.

Students should be submerged in all types of creative teaching, and let’s face it, using dittos all the time is not a creative way to teach a preschooler. A lot of our students cannot sit long enough to finish an entire sheet.

I do, however, believe that students should be subjected to dittos especially students that will be entering kindergarten the following year, so they can at least be familiar with the concept. And we know that in kindergarten they will be using a lot of dittos.

Try creating your own dittos so that they are closer to the theme or subject you are talking about and only to reiterated items that has already been introduced.

Provide dittos as an option and not a requirement to see if your students are interested in working with the sheets; by putting them in your writing center for the students to do on their own.

Remember that students will be doing a lot of writing in kindergarten and you don’t want to burn them out by having them do a lot of writing in preschool, when they can be working on developing their small motor skills with coloring, cutting and painting.

Starting a student too soon with a lot of writing that they may not be ready for could affect the way they feel about writing all together. So don’t rush them, give them the opportunity to enjoy preschool and the fun of learning.


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