Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Theme: All about Me

Me doing a story-time fundraiser with my favorite book

“All about me” is usually the theme the school year starts off with. It gives the students the opportunity to talk about things that they like and a little about their family and the things that they do together.

Whereas I think this is good for social development; it is also done year after year without any changes to the curriculum its self.

So I wanted to give you a few ideas on bringing some fun projects into your class from my book “Creative Space. ©2006”

Send a note home with your students requesting the following items; a family picture, an individual picture of the student, and a picture of the family doing something that they enjoy doing together. Be sure to give your parents a deadline for the items requested, so that you can get started with your projects.
Make copies of the pictures; you will need colored copies and black and white ones, the amounts will vary depending on the projects you decide to do; return the original pictures to the family.

Use the individual pictures to introduce the theme to your students; showing how each student is special because they are different. Have each student tell you their favorite color or have them wear it the first day of the theme; take pictures of each student with their favorite color item on, and start an “All about me board” for each student. Use things that makes them different such as hand or foot prints, add additional items as you proceed with the theme.

Use the picture where the family is engaged in a family activity in your dramatic play area. Label the area where the pictures are: “All about us, my family and me.” You can do this for each theme or holiday; for example, have your students bring in pictures from Halloween to display in your dramatic play area during the Month of October.

For your block area,  cover small boxes  with paper to make blocks,  add the family pictures on two sides of each block for your students to build with, or make a matching card set; put the all the students pictures on one card and then make individual cards to match the pictures to the pictures on the  card.

A great book for this theme is “I like myself” By Karen Beaumont; this is one of my favorite children’s book and great for this theme.

Hopefully this blog will give you some ideas about this particular theme; the ideas are nothing without your enthusiasm. If you are excited about what you teach, your students will be too.

If you want additional activities about themes that you will be working on in your class, follow me on twitter and I will try to provide a few ideas for you.


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