Saturday, August 10, 2013

Low paying teachers can cause an unstable environment for students

Early Childhood at its best

As we all know, Early Childhood teachers are not paid what they are worth. According to the Bureau of Statistics figures; only hairdressers, animal trainers and supermarket checkout operators earn less than childcare workers.

Because of this, early childhood providers take second jobs just so they are able to pay for their personal expenses; but eventually they quit.

“Stability of care is crucial for young children forming secure attachments and not developing behavioral problems.” That is why I it is so important that the prospective teacher understand the entire field before committing. Sometimes students go through 2-3 teachers per year, so when a teacher quits, the children are the ones that are affected.

I believe that being a teacher takes a special type of person; one that does the job for the simple satisfaction of loving what they do.

I’m really concerned that we might lose good teachers to elementary schools because of the pay and how they are treated by parents and directors. Losing qualified teachers will affect our students, because these teachers might be replaced with unqualified teachers, causing the cycle to continue.

I can’t imagine where this would put early childhood in the years to come. We are already fighting for funding to open more centers, but what good is it, if we don’t have qualified teachers to fill them?

We must take action and fight for an increase in Early Childhood salaries, so that we can continue to provide quality care for our students.

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