Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is money provided for Early Childhood Education beneficial to everyone?

Quality Education is beautiful!

The Government’s Participation Program is requiring parents that are receiving benefits to put their children into preschool programs or they would lose half of their benefits. Based on the article in Scoop Politics, there has been a downfall to this.

There is “unfair access to high quality ECE services in poorer areas. And the concern is the government’s Participation Program has put children into home based care or playgroup services that have minimal contact with qualified teachers.”

Professor Anne Smith a Prominent Early Childhood Education researcher says “poor quality services will only serve to further disadvantage at risk young students.”

Although the importance of putting students in Early Childhood programs is essential to their development; it doesn't help if it is not quality care.

Doesn't this seem like a no win situation? Parents are made to put their children in Early Childhood Programs so that they can get a quality education. But it isn't quality at all, because the only centers that are available to them do not consist of qualified teachers or if they are qualified, they have minimal contact with them.

The “government  has applauded its success to meet their targets for its Participation Program enrolling  up to 4,000 under five-years old.”  But now what? If they are not getting the education that they need, what does it matter?

There are so many factors to this; we want long term success for our children, but at this rate, are we getting it? Will these students be a part of a graduating class, or will they become discourage and be a part of the drop-out rate?

There is a foundation to every situation; if we want our children to be educated we must provide quality education. It is not enough for them to me forced in to care that is not beneficial to them; it defeats the purpose.

It’s sad that money is provided for Early Childhood Education, but it is not beneficial for everyone.

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