Thursday, August 15, 2013

Implementing school teaching philosophies into your classroom

       Provide an enriched environment

Kindergarten readiness is an important factor in Early Childhood; especially Pre-kindergarten.  How do you teach your students how to write their names, or learn their alphabets at a school where you are instructed not to?

Students can learn their alphabets without the use of flashcards. I personally don’t think that it is a good idea to teach students their alphabets through the use of flashcards only; I think they should be introduced in a variety of ways.

Here are a few ways to help you introduce letters to your students without using flashcards.  Try introducing the alphabets by having the student use their bodies to form the letters. You can then have them try to recreate the letters by themselves to see if they retained the information. 

You can also use shaving cream to have students draw the letters on the tables, or items like straws or tape. Provide chalk and white boards for students to use to write and draw on.  Add additional writing items that the students can choose to do on their own. (These can be added to a center)

Have students trace over their name using their pointer finger, this will give them the feeling of how letters are formed.

Fine and small motor development are essential for students to produce good writing skills. You only need to provide activities that will develop these skills.

You can do this, by having students open their own paper items, pour their own milk and serve their own food.

Provide an opportunity during circle time to review each student’s name for recognition, and then review the first letter in each student’s name. You will be reviewing the letters and their names; this allows students to apply letters to something, while giving meaning to the letters.

I used name cards in my classroom as a way to have students sign in. I put each student’s first name on a card with their picture and made an additional set without pictures. I instructed the students to use a basket that I provided, as a sign in method. I then brought the basket with me to circle time and reviewed each student’s name to see who was there for that day.

In your centers, put out items that the students can pick up using thongs. Your manipulative center is full of items that develop small motor skills.

You simply have to enrich your classroom environment and the learning will begin. Leave the rest up to the students.  They will become interested and will begin trying to write their alphabets and their name on their own without your instruction.

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