Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Academic Testing for Preschoolers

Success is in the building blocks of Education

“Some D.C. parents are protesting a proposal by the city’s public charter school board to rank preschools based largely on how children as young as 3 are performing on reading and math tests.”

The public charter school board wants to use the information to determine how charter schools compare to one another and to give teachers information on student’s progress so that they can prepare them for kindergarten.

“Early assessments of reading and math skills are administrated in preschool classes throughout the country, but they are typically used to improve instruction and target lessons to children’s varying needs.”

Based on Sara Mead, “The Charter school board’s rating system could inform decisions about whether a charter school would be closed.”

Although this seems like a good idea in determining how a school can better its program through assessments, it doesn't seem like a good idea if the information is being used to determine whether a charter school will closed, or to compare one student’s development to another.

It defeats the purpose of trying to make sure all students get a foundation to early years learning, which will not happen if they start closing down schools

I don’t think anything  is wrong with assessing a student’s progress for a parent teacher conference, but to see how a student is doing in comparison to other student  is not accurate, since some students might not have the emotional or social development that another students has.

 As one parent said in the article, they should be concentrating on the student’s social and emotional development. Which I think is as equally important as the academic part of early childhood education.

When I started in Early Childhood, the pre-kindergarten students were being tested before entering kindergarten to see if they were emotionally, socially and academically ready to start school. I think this was an excellent idea. It not only gives the kindergarten teacher a sense of where each student is, it also shows which students were getting quality care, in a since, forcing Pre-kindergarten teachers to provide the students with a good educational foundation.

As a Pre-kindergarten teacher, I have always consulted with Kindergarten teachers to create a lesson plan that bridged the gap between my class and a kindergarten classroom.  I’ll talk more about this is my next blog.

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