Saturday, July 20, 2013

Qualified Teachers

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In Radio New Zealand News, “Childcare Association is calling for a minimum of 80% qualified teachers in Early Childhood education centers.” Based on President Judy Kaa the mandate percentage of qualified teachers are 50%, which she feels is too low." She furthered states that Primary schools and state kindergartners require that their teachers are 100% qualified, but not early childhood.

Ms. Kaa said that “being a qualified teacher is important for the development of children under the age of three, but the value is not being placed on that.”  

Based on Helen May of the University of Otago, even if teachers are qualified, the school will only receive 80% of funding under current Government policies. I am assuming that this to means, subsidized schools are given only  80%  of funding instead of 100%, which reduces what qualified teachers are being paid in regards to what they should be paid. So, they are literally being punished financially for being qualified. 

At this point, a teacher must decide if she is in the business because she loves what she does or for the money. As this can be a hard decision to make, in my opinion, loving what you do is more important than money if you can juggle financial obstacles.

I agree with the article; Early Childhood Educators should be more qualified. Right now as it stands, a teacher can have 12 ECE units to be considered a lead teacher. I think it should be 24 ECE units and a psychology class, this would show that the prospective teacher is interested in the field and has a good idea on what it would take physically, emotionally and cognitively to be a teacher.  I also feel that before a teacher is left in a classroom by themselves, they should have worked as either a volunteer or teachers assistant for at least 6 months before being put in a classroom alone.

Continued education is a must, and should be a requirement as well. Our world and children are changing; teachers should be required to change also. Teaching the same thing every year becomes boring not only to the teacher, but to the students as well.  Keeping things fresh and new, presents itself in the classroom, making the students feel excited about learning.  

It is also important that teachers like myself that has been in the field for over 20 years remain open-minded to new ideas and techniques which will enhance what we already know, whether than being shut down to new concepts all together. It just makes sense that innovation is as important in Early Childhood as it is in any other Organization.

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