Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

*Imagination can take them far*

This is a short article, but I thought that it would be important to share with other educators on how schools celebrate the success of their Pre-Kindergarten graduates. And, the importance of giving their students a positive send off to Elementary School.  This lets them know that they are growing up. 

Ten students at the St. Vincent’s Early Childhood Center graduated wearing Don Caps and Gowns. What a wonderful experience for these students, even if they don’t understand the core reason behind the event. 

I know that at least one of these students’ family member or friends graduated from a school and wore a cap and gown. Imagine what they might feel having the opportunity to do the same.

Most teachers think that to put on a production like this, students must practice and learn songs. When all they have to do is use the songs and poems that the students practiced all year long. They can create a program from that.

And it doesn't have to be a huge program, they can do a small ceremony within their classrooms with songs and poems and it would be just as important.

I have done only two graduations during my years in Early Childhood and each were unique and designed based on my students. I think the parents and the students enjoyed both, and it made their day special.

I firmly believe in giving students a fun Early Childhood experience, so I think that every opportunity we get as educators to provide that is important.

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