Monday, July 22, 2013

Grants for Early Childhood would help to increase hourly wage

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According to the Bendigo Advertiser; “the federal government has announced $300 million for an Early Years Quality Fund in a bid to improve pay conditions for childhood educators.” This could possibly mean $3.00 more for each educator hourly.

But it would be for Certificate III qualified educators only. Since I am not familiar with certificate III teachers, I did a little research on it, and it’s for an educator that has qualified credentials through the AECQA which is Education and Care Services Regulations.  This would be equivalent to California’s Teacher’s permit.

By providing teachers with more money, schools are hoping to steer away from the outdated notion that Early Childhood Educators are just babysitters, help centers retain staff and attract more people to the industry.

I think that teachers should be more valued in Early Childhood, and increasing what they make would definitely prove to be encouraging. But I also believe that teachers should put value on what they do regardless of the money; they should have high ethical standards for themselves and for the company that they work for, even if that company is not doing what they are suppose to be doing,  it really is about internal satisfaction.

Improvement is something that we all must strive to accomplish and we all can do that by getting involved. By voting; I know you hear that a lot, but it is important. Talk to other educators and get involved in Early Childhood for profit and non-profit organizations.

I’m all for attracting new qualified educators to the field; and I stressed qualified teachers because I've heard too many times how someone wanted to be a teacher because they only needed 12 ECE units. That is why I mentioned in my last blog that we need to increase that, so that when the pay is increased it is given to qualified teachers that are truly making a difference in the lives of children.

However, I also understand that everyone with credentials are not always good teachers, and there are extraordinary teachers that possess only 12 ECE units. But to remain extraordinary, they must increase their knowledge of the field.

I hope the grants are considered for all Early Childhood Educators throughout the world, where are policies and procedures are may be different our roles are the same.

Ms. Darla <3

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