Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Health in the Early Childhood Years

Danish Ambassador Ole E Mosby said that almost 9.6 million children in Pakistan are either overweight or obese increasing their chance of developing diabetes.

He stated that Early Childhood behaviors become habits, which are difficult to change later, and that it is imperative to raise awareness.

Obesity and overweight students are not only a problem in Pakistan, but also in the United States. Parents are rushing around trying to get things done, and instead of bringing healthy snacks for their children, they stop to get chips or McDonalds, because it is easier and time effective. And they believe that because their children are always running and playing the calories and fat will not affect them as it would an adult. But they are actually teaching their children poor eating habits.

Although McDonalds  and a occasional bag of chips is okay, allowing children to  have fruit or vegetables in the place of those items will give them a menu that they can implement into their adulthood; and teaches them how to make healthy choices.

I don’t think that the childcare system helps this problem either. Children are given processed food daily. The fruit in the cans are filled with sugar and water is not always encouraged as often as it should be.  Students usually drink water during outside play only, other than that, they are not encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

I have also observed teachers piling students’ food on their plate. When asked why, they simply stated that “they didn't have time to keep going back and forth filling their plates, so they just give the food to them all at once.”

What they do not realize is that they are either making the students feel like they have to eat everything on their plate. (This is usually the rule in most homes.) Or the students are so overwhelmed; they don’t eat at all; causing them to binge later.

We must all do our parts to provide our students and children with a foundation to healthy eating.

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