Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Early Childhood Collaboration Sessions

*We teach our students to work together, why shouldn't we do the same*

Teachers in Virginia are getting together for what they call “Smart Beginnings Institute” it is an Early Childhood Teachers collaboration session.  They join together to share ideas about barriers they might have in their community and how they overcame them to help other teachers do the same.

In some of my blogs, I talk a lot about teachers furthering their education and the impact it has on their students when they don’t. So when I saw this article, I had to share the information with all of you.

Usually teachers share their ideas within their centers or during professional development days. So the information is based on what is happening within their centers organizational structures and not from other districts.

And there is usually only one person from a selective center speaking to everyone about what they should and shouldn't be doing in their centers. Teachers are allowed to speak and give examples of situations that happen in their classroom and even ideas but it still limited, because it only has to do with their schools and the schools within the company.

When you bring teachers together from different districts and different organizations, you get information from a variety of sources.  These teachers have different educational and economic backgrounds that can be used to advance your teaching, social and developmental skills. This would allow you to bring something unique back to your center, which would help your students and your parents.

Some teachers have been at the same center for years which shows dedication and commitment, but they have never launched out into the community or visited other schools to see how other teachers conduct assessments and their classrooms.

 Instead, they use the same materials year after year, only adding news things when told to. Teachers are naturally creative, but how can new creative techniques be sparked if they are not expanding their learning and creativity ability by seeing what others are doing? 

 Collaborating with other teachers or even attending a college class will give teachers a fresh prospective on teaching and engaging their students.

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