Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to School Events for Early Childhood

*Let them know how special they are*

Charles County has an Annual Early Childhood Event, with a Back-To-School theme that brings Early Childhood providers and anyone that works with children together.  The event consists of Bike Safety, Physical Fitness, Reading Activities and Developmental Screening. They also have additional activities such as: face painting, door prizes, rock climbing, story tellers, storybook characters and backpacks.

I absolutely love this event, not only because it is a wonderful experience for the children, parents and providers. But that it shows the importance of Back-To-School for Early Childhood.

 A big emphasis is put on Elementary Schools when it comes to back to school supplies. There are donation boxes set up for backpacks and school supplies everywhere, but there is no importance put on Early Childhood students that are returning to school or entering Pre-kindergarten.

Although they do not need the supplies that an Elementary School student would need, the school in which they attend might need diapers for the infant students, and large pencils and crayons for the preschoolers.    Or new toys so that their shelves can have items to switch out, when the others toys become boring or over-used.

But most importantly it gives the community a sense of importance for Early Childhood learning.  And makes it an important factor in the same way it does for Elementary Schools.

This event should be done internationally, this would impact our communities and bring awareness to the importance of education no matter the age, and we would have fun doing it.

Ms. Darla <3

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