Monday, July 29, 2013

Awards to Home-base Early Childhood Providers

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When you think of Early Childhood educators, you probably think of teachers who work in an Early Childhood center; not nannies or home base programs.

The Zealand Home based Early Childhood Association is changing that. They are offering awards to teachers and nannies that work in home base programs. They seem to be  forgotten, and should be recognized for all they do for the children and the community, says The New Zealand Home based ECE Association and Planwise Financial Services who have sponsored this award.

“Home based ECE is the fastest growing ECE sector and the preferred form of childcare and education for over 19,000 children, based on the article in the news”

These teachers do not have to have any sort of teaching certificate; they just have to be a part of the ECE Association. But the best part of this award process, is that the parents are the ones that will be nominating the teachers.

I know that awards like this, is given out by the center where the teachers work, and ECE teachers are recognized in that way. Usually the directors or other teachers vote on who gets these awards. But I am not convince that this is always the best and fair way to determine it, for reasons that we all know could happen in this type of voting situation. 

I just feel that this kind of encouragement and recognition is a sure way to give teachers a sense of accomplishment for what they do. Wouldn't it be a great experience for the parents in each center to nominate a teacher per age group that they feel has been an exemplary model to not only their students but throughout the community?

 Early Childhood Educators should be given more positive exposure for what they do as educators. Teaching young students is a big deal, and I don’t think that a lot of people realize exactly what Early Childhood providers do. A good academic foundation to learning makes a huge difference on the future of this world and it starts in Early Childhood.

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