Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kindergarten Readiness

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I know that there are a variety of mix concerns for this in Early Childhood in regards to Pre-Kindergarten students, being prepared for the Elementary School system. Some parents believe that children learn through play and it is not necessary for them to be taught a certain lesson plan to get them prepared for kindergarten.  They believe that they should develop on their own and learn at their own pace.

While others feel that unless their child(ren) are learning their letters, numbers, shapes and colors and paperwork is brought home daily, then their child(ren) are not learning at all. And they fear that they will not be prepared to handle Kindergarten and will be delayed once they enter the Elementary school system.

Children will learn at their own pace regardless of the learning approach, subjecting students to an healthy academic environment will give the students a foundation to what learning is about. Learning their letters, numbers, colors and shapes is not always the cure for learning, it is an introduction to what they will be exposed to as they enter Kindergarten. However, learning these techniques without an understanding of how to apply them, is simply empty information being poured into their brains and spit out when they are asked "what letter is this." They must have meaning to the student so that they retain the information presented to them.
 For example introducing the letter A to a student and letting them know that Apple starts with A and introducing  its letter sound, gives the students information on how to apply the letter to an object. Adding fun art or cooking projects further explains the concept of the letter A.

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**In Clatsop County, located in Oregon, "Early childhood professionals, school district administrators and teachers have begun to work together to design a system that will help parents feel confident about sending their children to kindergarten." It is a program to get the community involved in preparing Pre-kindergartners for Kindergarten.

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